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Fishbowl Inventory’s new update release Fishbowl 2020.5

On May 21st,  Fishbowl will be releasing Fishbowl 2020.5, which will give you access to many more customizable options within Fishbowl.  However with this new functionality, they’ve changed how the custom fields are stored, which will naturally affect existing custom reports and custom integrations that are using those fields.

If TaraByte Solutions has built you a custom report or integration, it is imperative that you speak with us before updating to Fishbowl 2020.5.  You can reach our Reports Team by e-mailing [email protected].

We talked about printing the invoice from the shipping module so we could bill based on only what we shipped. It seems that it is causing a bit of confusion in QuickBooks. Fishbowl automatically assigns a 02, 03, etc. for each partial shipment, but QuickBooks does not see the 02’s only the root invoice number.

With this, when we post a payment it seems to be getting applied randomly to open invoices. Any options for this?

That’s an accounting module option in Fishbowl.  Change the settings to the below.

We have a few Purchase Orders that were reconciled in Fishbowl for the wrong amount.  They’ve already been received and inventory used, but our inventory value is off now because in QBO the actual amount paid is wrong.  I can’t for the life of me figure out how I can edit this now that it’s done.

One example is for a PO that was put in as being for $253.31, but when the actual payment came down we realized the numbers were juxtaposed and we should have created it for $235.31.  Penny says I have to fix it and I can’t.

Can you advise how I can edit these when human error causes us to put them in wrong and we have already received, etc.?

Fishbowl locks down once a transaction is sent to QuickBooks.

Therefore, the process for correcting a reconciliation error is to:

  • Create a new purchase order where the items are no longer a purchase type, but a “Credit Return” type
  • Pick, Pack and Fake Ship the goods back to the vendor
  • Create another PO or (add purchase lines to the return PO) for the correct amounts
  • Receive and reconcile the goods at the correct amount.

Alternatively, when the error is minor you can choose to edit the Bill in QuickBooks and write off the mini-money difference to a “Purchase discrepancy” account.

I have a Standard WO created calling a standard BOM.  However, we had to use an alternate part number not called on the BOM.  How do I add that to that specific work order?

Under work order details you can remove the part you didn’t use and add the part you did use.

Our current concern regards the transaction entry for Vendor Shipping once the PO is received and a bill is created.

For example, when PO 21 was received and Bill 8888 was created, vendor shipping charges of 50.00 were added to the bill. PO 21 was removed from QBO and was replaced with Bill 8888 which was mapped to the correct accounts – increasing Inventory for the items received, increasing COGS for shipping costs, and decreasing Fishbowl Clearing for future payment, this is good.

However, an Inventory adjustment was created as well for PO 21 for the addition of the 50.00 shipping fees which was allocated to increase inventory (which shipping is not an inventory item) and decrease COGS Vendor Shipping (which subsequently cleared out the shipping cost from bill 8888). In this case, I believe this inventory adjustment was not needed and should not have been created.

This occurs every time we add shipping to a PO.

The shipping part’s part type is shipping, and here is the account mapping in Fishbowl:
Expense Account: Default (Cost of Goods Sold: Shipping, Freight & Delivery – COS)
COGS Account: Cost of Goods Sold: Shipping, Freight & Delivery – COS
Accrual Account: Default (Fishbowl Shipping Accrual)

I don’t think it’s an error.  You have been “landing Cost”  On the screen below – Select Do not calculate and your $50 will be expensed and not included as part of the inventory value.

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