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Frequently Asked Questions

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Fishbowl Inventory’s new update release Fishbowl 2020.5

On May 21st,  Fishbowl will be releasing Fishbowl 2020.5, which will give you access to many more customizable options within Fishbowl.  However with this new functionality, they’ve changed how the custom fields are stored, which will naturally affect existing custom reports and custom integrations that are using those fields.

If TaraByte Solutions has built you a custom report or integration, it is imperative that you speak with us before updating to Fishbowl 2020.5.  You can reach our Reports Team by e-mailing reports@tarabyte.com.

Does this new update affect our Controller’s Toolbox Reports? 

The controller’s toolbox does not use any custom fields. So you are good to go with respect to those reports. However, before you update to Fishbowl 2020.5 please follow the checklist provided by Fishbowl. Learn more here.

Can we choose whether or not we want to pursue the upgrade? Or will it be forced for all existing accounts?

You can choose not to update. This will allow you to keep functionality of your custom reports.

I do want to upgrade, what do I need to do to keep functionality of our custom reports?

If you do choose to upgrade we can modify your reports, please send an email to reports@tarabyte.com to connect with us about that. Also, please follow the checklist provided by Fishbowl, learn more here.

Does updating also affect integrations? 

This update will only affect integrations if it uses custom fields. If we created an integration for you that uses custom fields, please email reports@tarabyte.com. Before you update to Fishbowl 2020.5 please follow the checklist provided by Fishbowl. Learn more here.


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