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Tracking and nurturing your customers, conversions, & leads will help drive you through the sales cycle and give you the power to manage your business with ease.

We can integrate your system with popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) packages such as Sales Force and Quote Werks, giving you the power to organize, automate and synchronize sales processes.

How the integration works

Leads and opportunities are managed in the CRM. This is the flow once the opportunity/quote is finalized:

  1. The related customer data will be downloaded/updated at this time.
  2. Order is fulfilled (shipped) in Fishbowl.
  3. Our integration will write back to the CRM the shipment tracking information, sales order, and opportunity fulfillment status.
  4. The integration will also update the Quantities available for sale in CRM.

We can integrate with all the following CRMs and more.

  • Act!
  • Dynamics crm
  • Hubspot
  • InfusionSoft
  • Method crm
  • Salesforce
  • Sugar crm
  • Zoho

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Compatible CRM with API permissions.

Data Mapping:
Client needs to map the Fishbowl and CRM data fields. We have a standard template to make that easier.

CRM Order Flag:
We need a flag in the CRM to denote that at opportunity/quote and its related customer information is ready to download to Fishbowl

Data Set-up:
Products in CRM must match Fishbowl file
Product Units of Measure from CRM must match Fishbowl
Sales tax codes in CRM must match the Fishbowl file
Shipping method from CRM must match the Fishbowl
Shipping Carriers from CRM must match Fishbowl file
Discount codes from cart must match Fishbowl file

(Note: Discount codes usually work best when set up as non-inventory items in Fishbowl rather than Discount Items)

Access:We will also need your CRM Security token and a copy of the Fishbowl data base for testing.
Fishbowl Data File Built and ready to use

The Fishbowl API does not allow us to download product or kits with variable or optional components.

Pricing is based on your integration requirements.

Call us at 949-645-1019 or fill out our form to get started.


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