Point of Sale Integration


At TaraByte Solutions we integrate your Fishbowl Software with Point of Sale. The purpose of this integration is to record the sales from the POS in Fishbowl and then the information will be pushed to the Accounting Software.

How it works

  1. The store’s initial inventory is populated via either an add inventory adjustment or via a move from another inventory location group.
  2. Replenishment of the store inventory is to be accomplished via Transfer Orders or Move Transactions
  3. At an interval you select (at a minimum daily) the integration will read the POS transactions and will summarize the “day’s” sales by product, summing to net quantity and enter a sales order in Fishbowl for that Location group which is then automatically fulfilled be the integration program.
  4. The integration will also pull all of the payments for that period and sum them by payment method, these will then pull into Fishbowl linked to that Sales Order
  5. The POS accounting data will then flow to the accounting system on the next Fishbowl Accounting Export


Fishbowl Set-up:
Create Location GROUP for each retail location in Fishbowl file.
Create Payment Methods in Fishbowl file that correspond with the payment methods listed in the POS system.
Create Tax Codes in Fishbowl file that match what is being used in the POS.
Make sure all products in the POS have a corresponding product in Fishbowl file.

Point of Sale Set-up:
Disable integration with the accounting software to avoid duplication.

Pricing is based on your integration requirements.

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