Fishbowl ShipWorks and ShipStation Integrations

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ShipWorks and ShipStation Integrations


There are two options for this integration ShipWorks or ShipStation. The essential difference between the two is whether you are using Fishbowl to manage the orders or just simply record sales and relieve inventory after shipment.


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There are two workflows you can choose

Work Flow for managing the orders in Fishbowl

  1. The Sales Orders exist in Fishbowl, either manually input or imported from various e-commerce channels. You decide which orders to ship by “picking the orders” in Fishbowl. This allows for you to manage priority orders and verify that there are adequate quantities on hand to be shipped.
  2. The integration pulls all “picked” orders and imports them to the Shipping Software.
  3. Ship the orders in the shipping software, upon completion the tracking number will be written back to Fishbowl and the Fishbowl Sales Order will be shipped


Work Flow to simply record sales and relieve inventory

  1. The Sales Orders are downloaded directly to the shipping software from the various e-commerce channels.
  2. Sale Orders are shipped in the shipping software.
  3. The shipped Sales Orders are imported to Fishbowl along with the tracking information.

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  • We need the Fishbowl database and the Shipping software set-up before we can test the integration.
  • We will need access to your server and a copy of the Fishbowl database for testing.
  • Allow two weeks for testing

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Pricing is based on your integration requirements.

If what we provided doesn’t fit your intended work flow, please call us at 949-645-1019 or fill out our form to get started.

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Please provide a description if you are requesting a standard or custom Integration, which shipping software you’d like integrated with your Fishbowl system, and your preferred workflow.



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