Nomad eCommerce and Tarabyte Webinar

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Make 2017 the year you RULE e-commerce

You asked some great questions during the
webinar. Here are the answers.


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To get started with your FREE trial or to ask more questions, please contact Michael J at [email protected]

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Fishbowl E-Commerce Integration with Nomad e-commerce

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Q: If my server is offline, will my site still be able to take orders?

  • Yes.  Since Nomad is hosted separately from your environment… it will still be online even if your Fishbowl server is offline.  Orders can be placed normally and without an issue.  It’s independent (even though it’s communicating).
  • Example:  Nomad had a client (not too long ago) who experienced an outage on their server (down about 4-6 hours)… when their server was back up and running, the server was checking EVERY 5 MINUTES and able to connect to the queued data.  The 20 orders missed… were sent right back into Fishbowl.  Any changes that may have occurred locally (price changes, customer changes, order changes… etc.) were also automatically queued and sent right back.

Q: Does Nomad support customer term based payments?

  • Yes.  Nomad supports all of your terms configured in the Fishbowl platform.

Q: Does Nomad pull addresses from Fishbowl?

  • Yes.  Nomad syncs addresses assigned to customers from Fishbowl.

Q: Does TaraByte Solutions offer Custom Reporting for end Fishbowl customers?

  • We most certainly do. More information here. 

Q: Does Nomad support the Tax Methodologies we have configured in Fishbowl?  What about with Ebiz Charge / Credit Card Processing?

  • From a sales tax setting (since we’re allowing the customer to create an address), we still need the rules and to still know which tax settings they had in Fishbowl.
  • In regards to Ebiz – we are providing the integration to this gateway.
  • The payments are sent to QuickBooks and then transferred to Fishbowl.

Q: Does Fishbowl supports all 4 platforms of QuickBooks (Enterprise? Premier? Pro? Online?)

  • Yes – Fishbowl seamlessly integrates with ALL Intuit QuickBooks platforms.

Q: Can I implement my own design on Nomad?  What if I already have a website prototype in place? 

  • By giving the CSS files and providing access to the internal design… we are able to take those designs and bring them over for you in the system.  If the customer is completely fine with the design (or if you have a mock-up of a homepage) we can work with those as well and get those into the site.

Q: Can our company have Live Chat with TaraByte and Nomad?

  • Yes.  Almost every live chat is really job descript.  This is embedded into the page AND supported.  We simply copy and paste the Olark code.  You can put live chat in, and you will have this embedded on your site.
  • Jeanne – Yes. Live Chat is available & TaraByte’s turnaround time for support clients is almost always within an hour or so.  We have a link to schedule live appointments, as well as available via telephone, email and through website inquiries.

Q: Does Nomad support gift certificates?

  • Yes.  We have gift codes.  You can actually sell gift cards (or “gift codes”) online… and those are automatically emailed to the recipient.  Those can be used to receive a credit online for your order.
  • Yes – We have full capabilities of online gift cards and gift certificates.

Q: What is your primary customer industry you focus on / have hands on experience with for eCommerce and Fishbowl integration?

  • Jeanne – TaraByte has a LOT of customers in the Natural Products Food & Beverage space.  We also work with the Medical Device Industry, Automotive Industry, Vaping Industry and even Cannabis Industry.
  • Torre – The majority of our clients are distributors of some type of products… as well as manufacturers across all types of industries.  Our specialty is controlling inventory for those end customers.

Q: Do you offer a promotional code?

  • Any discounts can have a code associated with them (can also have “code mandatory”) – so all those discount options can be automatically given… or you can state, “This code” for a particular percentage discount.

Q: How long does the typical Fishbowl Inventory process take to build?  What about the Nomad site take to build?  How long does it take to speak to one another?

  • Torre – “we have a site up that was from a free-trial”, and the standard lay-out can go up as fast as 5-10 minutes.  The course of the product comes from marketing and category data.  A lot of clients already have that from an existing site they already have up… and this makes the overall project a lot quicker.  We preferable like to give a 2-3 month window, depending on the marketing data the company provides us.
  • Jeanne – Fishbowl implementation from Purchase to Go-Live, minimum we would recommend is 6 weeks.  This depends on how clean the data is.  Implementation time on Fishbowl is really dependent upon the organization & dedication of the internal staff.  Are you in busy season?How many resources does the company have to put towards this project?

Q: Does Nomad support product reviews and questions?

  • Yes.  Through 3rd party called YotPo.  This is all YotPo does. – Questions and Answers.

Q: What is the best method to contact both Sniperdyne and TaraByte?  Email?  Direct Call?  Best means to contact you? 

  • Torre – you can do either, call or email Torre directly.
  • Jeanne – we respond to all forms of communication, email, telephone and website.

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More questions?

Drop us line. We are here to help with all of your Fishbowl Inventory and QuickBooks questions.

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