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Controller’s Toolbox


All the Essential Fishbowl Accounting Reports You’ve Been Looking for.  Get the transparency you need for every debit and credit sent to QuickBooks from Fishbowl Inventory.


See What’s Included in Your Controller’s Toolbox:

  • Export reports designed to track every debit and credit from Fishbowl to its QuickBooks account.
  • Useful costing review reports, including a sales tax charged report and a detailed listing of individual receiving transactions.
  • A FIFO/LIFO valuation report by location group, which is not available in standard Fishbowl reports.

You Also Get:

  • Complete account mapping
  • Total Debits and Credits by account, summary and detail
  • Transaction date and posting date
  • The ability to export our Table Reports to Excel without merged cells and headers, ready for data analysis. Sort, pivot and search to your heart’s content!


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