Controller’s Toolbox

What’s Included in Your Controller’s Toolbox:

  • Export reports designed to track every debit and credit from Fishbowl to its QuickBooks account.
  • Useful costing review reports, including a sales tax charged report and a detailed listing of individual receiving transactions.
  • A FIFO/LIFO valuation report by location group, which is not available in standard Fishbowl reports.

You Also Get:

  • Complete account mapping
  • Total Debits and Credits by account, summary and detail
  • Transaction date and posting date
  • The ability to export our Table Reports to Excel without merged cells and headers, ready for data analysis. Sort, pivot and search to your heart’s content!

For a complete look at what is included in the Controller’s Toolbox, click here.


The Core Export Reports:

  • The core reports, which trace the accounting transactions from Fishbowl to QuickBooks and which allow you to do roll forwards and roll backs, are the four export reports: purchases, sales, work orders and inventory adjustments.

The Valuation Reports:

  • There are three valuation reports which provide on hand quantity, unit cost and extended cost.
  • Note the Inventory Valuation by Location Group is only provided for those on FIFO-LIFO costing as there exists a standard Fishbowl report which can be run for Average and Standard Costing.
  • The valuation report with sorting options is extremely useful when reviewing the makeup of inventory.
  • Note: no valuation report can be run for any date other than now. Therefore we recommend that you schedule the valuation report of your choice to be run after close of business each day and saved to .csv.

Trouble Shooting Reports:

  • The Receiving Detail Report allows you to view each receipt against a purchase order. It also shows you the received date and the bill date. Best practice is for the bill date to equal the received date to avoid “dancing dollars” in QuickBooks. This report allows you to identify the bill transactions that do not follow best practice.
  • The Sales Tax detail Report allows you to see the detail of sales taxes charged as tool to prepare the sale tax return.
  • The Costing Review Report allows you to select parts based on certain criteria. This is useful when diagnosing costs that seem out of line.
  • The Costing Layers with Transaction Source is extremely useful for determining-troubleshooting the costs being used with hyperlinks to the transaction that created the costing layer.
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