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Export Work Order Details

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Export Work Order Details

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The Export Inventory Adjustment Report is a Essential Member of our Controller’s  Toolbox Core Four .

The Core Four are the essential reports that can be used to roll-Inventory balances forward or back.  It is also an essential component if you need to revalue transactions or identify backdated transactions.

The Columns

  • Part Number
  • Description
  • Quantity
  • UOM
  • Amount
  • Location Group
  • Beginning Location
  • Ending Location
  • Date Adjusted
  • Date Created
  • Date Posted to QuickBooks
  • Adjustment Type (Cycle Count, Scrap, Cost Change, Add Initial Inventory)
  • Adjustment Notes
  • QuickBooks Account
  • Debit
  • Credit
  • Net

The Filters

  • Adjustment type
    • Add Initial Inventory
    • Cost Change
    • Cycle Count
    • Scrap
  • Show Not Posted
  • Part Number


The Date Filters

  • Transaction Date
  • Adjustment Date
  • Date Posted


Display Choices

  • Detailed
  • Summary


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