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Please take action before updating to Fishbowl 2017
to avoid compatibility issues

Avoid disruption in your business.
We can help you resolve critical compatibility issues BEFORE upgrading to Fishbowl 2017

The 2017 Fishbowl release includes new features and updates which impact integrations and custom reports. The queries for custom reports will need to be updated before they are able to run with the new version of Fishbowl.

The Solution: Updating Your Fishbowl Connection

All TaraByte integrations require an updated connection to the new Fishbowl database before the integration will connect successfully. Some integrations will require updated queries or other modifications before they are compatible with Fishbowl 2017.

Next Steps: Rolling Out The Update

Contact us so we can work with you to avoid compatibility and upgrade issues. We will provide you with a scope of work, schedule and upgrade price to keep your working effectively and efficiently. Due to the impact across our customer base, this work will take several weeks to roll out. We appreciate your patience and look forward to helping you upgrade.

Schedule a call today to review your options.

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